What do I do after a Jacksonville car accident

Getting into an auto accident in Jacksonville can be stressful,

but Henry Gare Personal Injury Attorney in Jacksonville is here to help. It’s important to stay safe and gather necessary information before leaving the scene or filing a claim. What do I do after a car accident in Jacksonville is a question you will be asking yourself.

Here’s what Henry Gare Personal Injury Attorney in Jacksonville recommends after a car, motorcycle, bicycle or trucking accident:

Safety is #1

  • Check yourself and your passengers for any significant injuries. If you are seriously injured, try not to move, and ask a bystander or passenger to call 911.
  • Move your vehicle away from traffic or to the side of the road, if it is safe to do so.
  • Stop the vehicle fully. This means to shift into park, turn off the engine, and turn on your hazard lights. (For added safety, use road flares or cones to warn other vehicles to slow.)
  • If you cannot safely move your vehicle, you should still stop the vehicle fully. If you exit the vehicle to wait away from traffic, always stay at the scene of the accident unless it is unsafe to do so.

Call for Help

  • Call 911. Always call the police, even if there are no injuries, as help may be required to clear the scene or manage traffic around you. The officer will also generate a report, needed for most insurance claims and for establishing fault. Take a picture of the report
  • When emergency services arrive, keep track of the officer’s name and badge number, their phone number, and obtain a police report number.

Gather Information

  • This includes names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, as well as information about other vehicle occupants or witnesses.
  • Take photos and videos of all relevant details, vehicles, and surroundings, and document the specific location of the incident.
  • Collect insurance details of those involved, such as the insurance company name, policy number, and a contact phone or email address.

File an Insurance Claim

  • Contact your insurance company to inform them of the accident and provide the information they need to start a claim.
  • It’s normal to feel shaken or nervous after an auto accident, but it’s important to report your claim as soon as possible to avoid delays in processing. This also ensures you have a fresh memory of the incident details.

Auto accidents happen every day. If you know what to expect, you can reduce your stress in the moment and get back on the road again soon. Contact Henry Gare Personal Injury Attorney in Jacksonville at 904-387-6101 if you have any questions.

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